I have been so impressed by Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment which has cleared up the dermatitis on my hand immediately. It\'s a great & affordable product.
Lynne T
One of my clients had a tube which she was applying to severe radiotherapy burns on neck, shoulder and scalp. I was extremely impressed with the quick and complete healing of her skin when she applied the ointment. Without TGA approval I would not be able to use it myself in an official capacity but would be able to suggest the client to buy some to apply themselves.
Jan F.
Choosing the right aftercare for a new tattoo is always a little tricky. A number of our clients have reaction due to preservatives found in some popular methods. We a Forever Yours Tattoo & Body Piercing have found that Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment Enriched with Bio Active Manuka Honey 16+ the safest option.
The Active Manuka Honey helps clear infections, reduces inflammation, nourishes new growing tissue and reduces scarring. I have found this product doesn't leave behind oily residue on clothing and soaks in quickly to the skin but leaves it moisturized.
Katy W. - Qld
I'm glad that it will be coming out i a bigger size tube . . . it is an amazing product. Once again thank you from both myself ad my leg (lol).
Sharon - NSW
My son has suffered bad eczema for the past 2 years, been to many doctors and specialist but . . . this is the only product that had cleared it up! It's magic, thanks for a great product.
Kym A.
My son Jon is finding this . . . the best he has ever used with his skin Psoriasis which is all over his 6'4 frame.
Ann B. - WA
I have been using the ointment for a few months . . . and it is awesome on my lips.
Brad F.